Top Management Approach

Our ambition for King Chemical Corporation is to be recognized as the world’s trusted leader in innovating quality and to be the main point of reference for outstanding financial performance in our industry. We have produced strong results in the past and will continue to drive our efforts to achieve higher level of performance even in difficult circumstances. Our competitive advantages are our unmatched quality, brand portfolio, R&D capability, values, work culture and employees, who have played a pivotal role in turning our vision and mission into a reality.

Our unique and comprehensive brand portfolio has become an important face of our consumers’ daily lives. By the grace of Almighty Allah, our Islamic culture and values remain our single most important competitive advantage. Long term thinking, integrity, mutual respect, pragmatism, openness to diversity, passion for quality and delighting consumers in accordance to the Islamic laws remain at the core of our Company culture.

We believe that our stakeholders, their qualities and values, are at the heart of what makes King Chemical Corporation the company it is. We thank them for their energy, enthusiasm and commitment that have contributed heavily to King’s success.