Fabric Care Solutions


Normal detergent wash do not give whitening and sparkling effect on bright color fabrics.

Solution:  King made a special whitening agent that not only gives whitening effect but also its unique chemical formulation keeps user away from any chemical reaction or allergy.

King Chamak Blue


Removal of stubborn stains, germs and pathogens on clothes need a bleaching agent.

Solution:  We designed fabric friendly bleach for your clothes to remove stubborn stains, germs and pathogens.

King Chammak Bleach


Wrinkles on clothes do not give a fresh, clean, stiff and crisp appearance.

Solution:  King prepared an easy to use spray-on starch for your Lawn outfits care as well as cotton and wash ‘n’ wear fabrics. When spray-on starch to be use, clothes are washed in the washing machine as they normally would be and dried until almost completely dry. While the clothes are still slightly damp, the starch is sprayed on. The clothing is then ironed and allowed to finish drying, at which point it should get stiff and firm hold.

Stiff on