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Household Insecticide Care Solutions

King can kill harmful insects, fatal diseases, and contagious germs which help in providing healthier and better life.

Insects are very common in causing diseases. They spread germs causing
diseases from one host to another like bacterial, viral and protozoan pathogens.

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Mosquitoes :

Causes: Viral diseases yellow fever, dengue fever and Chikungunya
Prevention: King provides a wide range of brands which effectively fight against mosquitoes.

Flies :

Causes:  The disease caused by flies are mainly diarrhea, cholera, tuberculosis, loose motions, generally the communicable disease are spread by flies.
Prevention:    Our brands helps you in getting rid of flies like Houseflies, Bowl or Bottle flies are

Moths :

Causes:  Moths do not threat your health but their larvae seriously damage your wardrobe, fabrics, leather and carpets.
Prevention:    Use these brands and protect your wardrobe, fabrics, leather and carpets.

Bees, Wasps & Hornet :

Causes:   If someone is stung by a Bee or Wasp, could be a very painful experience. This can be serious and life threatening if someone is also allergic to stings. It is also prudent that Bee & Wasp nests are known and properly managed.
Prevention:   To avoid stung by a bee, Wasp & Hornet we have.

Crawling Insects:

Crawling insects include lizards, ants, cockroaches, bedbug, and silverfish.

Causes:  Crawling Insects may carry serious diseases like dysentery, gastroenteritis and typhoid etc. This risk is very high with children, those already suffering from illness and the elder members of family. Particularly Cockroach droppings cause eczema and asthma. The pain and irritation caused by Bedbug and Flea bites is also very disturbing.
Prevention:  For best prevention against crawling insects


Common types of Rodents are: Rats & Mice.

Causes:  Rodents or other similar pests in your home and garden not only pose serious health risks but can also damage the fabric & structure of buildings and destroy plants etc.
Prevention:  King provides very effective solution for controlling rodents.